The Old Railway Caravan Park, Doldowlod, gateway to the Elan Valley, Mid Wales - Luxury Caravans and Tipis for idylic breaks  in the beautiful Elan Valley

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We are located a stone's throw from the River Wye
Near Rhayader & the Elan Valley in the Wild heart of wales!
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Angling in the Mid-Wye/Elan Valley area

To fish the Wye adjacent to the park, you must first obtain your fishing permit. Go to
Just 200 yards from the River wye, Doldowlod Old Station Caravan Park is a great base for Anglers.This really is a game fisherman's paradise and there are also good beats for coarse anglers just a 20 minutes drive down river at Builth Wells or just 7 miles away on the lake at Llandrindod Wells. So bring your tackle and prepare for some great days out.

Fishing the Upper Wye near Oak Grove Retreats

Description of Craig Llyn Beat (Wye & Usk Foundation)

craig Llyn fishing near Oak Grove Retreats
craig Llyn fishing near Oak Grove Retreats
For salmon anglers, bank fishing is possible along most of the pools. Wading is necessary when fishing for trout and grayling and care must be taken as some of the pools are extremely deep. Studded soles, preferably also with felt, are essential. It can be comfortably salmon fished with a single handed rod as well as a double hander.

Max no. of rods daily 4, 2, 4
 Price per Rod £20, £25-£35, £20
Rules and Regulations
  • EAW bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • Catch & release for all species
  • This Beat operates a Wash-Off Policy
  • No Dogs Allowed
  • Flyfishing only
Wye & Usk foundation recommend Oak Grove Retreats as Nearby accommodation.

Description of Doldowlod beats (Wye& Usk foundation)
Doldowlod offers approximately 2 miles of double bank fishing on the main Wye just upstream of Newbridge. It is a secluded, peaceful stretch of river, especially renowned for its grayling fishing, with the best prospects from the end of August to November. The river here is 20-30 yards wide and provides a good variety of water holding a good head of these fish. The beat also offers wild brown trout fishing through the season and salmon fishing given sustained high water in April, May and June with best prospects in October. In recent years numerous 2lb+ grayling have been caught, with the biggest brown trout of 2lb caught in 2004.

The fishery is made up of 2 beats, Ystrad and The Channels, giving anglers a good variety of pocket water, pools and rocky gutters. Wading is tricky in places so felt and studded soles are mandatory.

This beat is part of the evening ticket scheme. Half price evening tickets can only be purchased by phone after 1pm on the day of fishing provided the beat hasn't beat booked that day.

Wye & Usk foundation recommend Oak Grove Retreats as Nearby accommodation.
Max no. of rods daily 4, Price per Rod £17.50
Rules and Regulations
  • EAW bye-laws must be observed and it is up to anglers to familiarise themselves with these.
  • Catch & Release for salmon at all times
  • 1 fish limit (trout & grayling)
  • No Dogs Allowed
  • This Beat operates a Wash-Off Policy
  • Flyfishing only

Other Fishing opportunities around Doldowlod:

seeing fish on the Upper Wye near Oak Grove Retreats

Doldowlod is superbly situated for access to fantastic upland rivers, streams and reservoirs. It was also renowned in years past for its wily salmon poachers! The best place to try and see fish is the river bridge half a mile away, just off the A470 at Llanwrthwl.  There are also good viewing sites from the bridge  at Marteg some 4 miles north of Doldowlod and off the B4518 to Elan Valley at Dolfallen.  Also look for fish at nearby Rhayader in the Gro Park, Waun Capel Park and Cwmdauddwr Bridge.

The Radnorshire Wildlife Trust  arrange special events to watch the leaping salmon at Gilfach Nature Reserve in the autumn.

River Wye
The River Wye is just 200 yards from Doldowlod accross a permissive path.
By British standards, the River wye is truly a massive water of great historical importance to the history of angling, boasting some of the largest salmon ever caught in Great Britain. It is both a coarse and game river.A long-distance, waymarked footpath can be followed for almost the whole length. The river itself rises at about 2200 feet high on the slopes of Plynlimmon mountain in Wales and flows 156 miles before entering the Severn Estuary at Chepstow in England. It drains a huge catchment area of 1600 square miles and flows through the nearby towns of Rhayader and Builth Wells before flowing on to Hay on Wye, Hereford, Ross and Monmouth. The whole of the river is classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Despite its size, the Wye is still characterised by spates and depends on regular rainfall for the best catches. Excellent Brown Trout and Grayling fishing is available. Apart from the natural Brown Trout the river is also stocked with brown trout from the local angling association’s own hatchery. The stretch down stream from Builth Wells to Hay has good coarse fishing with specimen Pike, Chub and Dace. Barbel are now starting to put in an apperance in this area. The Wye is also renowned for its Salmon fishing with the Salmon reaching the upper parts of the Wye towards the end of the Season.

The river wye 200 yards from Oak Grove Retreats

On most of the River Wye the salmon fishing season extends from the 3rd March to the 17th October, with some minor variations. Between the 3rd March and the 31st August fly fishing and spinning are the only permitted methods. Fly fishing is the only method allowed between the 1st September and the end of the season. As of June 2012 there has been mandatory release of all rod-caught salmon on the Wye.  The brown trout season extends from the 3rd March to the 30th September.The season for grayling and coarse fish runs from the 16th June to the 14th March. Fly fishing is the only permitted method for grayling during the trout season. In the autumn and winter, given good weather, flyfishing for grayling in the upper reaches of the river and in the various tributaries can be fantastic.

The Elan Valley Dams are just 4 miles from Oak Grove Retreats
fishing llyngwn 4 miles from Oak Grove Retreats
The river elan, 4 miles from Oak Grove Retreats
The River Elan
is one of the main tributaries of the Upper Wye running from the Elan Valley Reservoirs and joining the Wye one mile north of Doldowlod. The Elan provides excellent opportunities for catching wild Pike, Grayling and Brown Trout and it is also stocked with Brown Trout. When the water in the Wye is too high for fishing, the Elan provides a good alternative as the level of water in this river is regulated by the Elan Dams.

The riiver marteg, 5 miles from Oak Grove Retreats
The River Marteg is a small stream and runs into the River Wye 5 miles north of Doldowlod. This is a 3 mile stretch of water with both banks owned by the Rhayader and Elan Valley Angling Association, running from St. Harmon, on the B4518, down to its junction with River Wye, on the A470. This supports a good stock of small wild Brown Trout and is famous for its run of spawning Salmon in the autumn.

Fishing Permitsangler upper wye close to Oak Grove Retreats

The Wye and Usk Foundation (see our links page in the menu) produce a very useful and informative annual booklet called the "Upper Wye Passport". This describes all the fishing beats that visitors can either reserve direct through the Foundation's own booking office near Builth Wells or on presentation of pre-paid vouchers that are also supplied by the Foundation. Much of the fishing is on stretches where the Foundation has already undertaken habitat restoration work and on which fish stocks have already started to improve. Some of the fishing is catch and release and you will need to work hard to stalk some of the more elusive wild trout to be found in the Upper Wye and its tributaries.  Please check out the Foundation's web site for more information or call the booking office on 01982 560788 to ask for a booklet or to enquire about fishing. Prices for day tickets will depend on whether you are fishing for trout, grayling or salmon. You can book many of the beats online, after which you will be sent full instructions and maps by email - it couldn't be simpler.

Those of you wanting to try the beautiful upper River Wye and its tributaries, such as the Elan and Marteg, should contact the Rhayader and Elan Valley Angling Association, who have masses of fishing on these rivers as well as on the main Elan Valley reservoirs and on Llyngwyn Lake.

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